iCloud Photo Library on iOS devices

I am sending you this message so that you can have clarity on backing up photos from your iPhone.   It would be no surprise to me that your iPhone is your primary camera, if not a very meaningful camera in your photo taking arsenal.     This response was actually directed to an individual client today, but since it applies to all I am going to share it with all.

For a few years now Apple has offered something called iCloud Photo Library.   Essentially, it backs up your photos to Apple’s iCloud service in FULL QUALITY, but leaves a smaller copy on your phone or iPad to make room.  It’s a great way to preserve space and also get your photos backed up.   Using iCloud Photo Library also sends  your photos to your Windows or Mac computer without the need to connect it to your computer with the lightning cable.  Apple offers a puny 5 GB of iCloud storage for free.  If you take even a modest number of photos with your iPhone, you will want to upgrade your plan.  You can pay $1 a month for 50 GB.  There are also higher plans if needed.  

1 year ago I would not have recommended iCloud Photo Library.  I saw it as not being fully baked yet.  However, it has really arrived and is a service worthy of your $1 per month.    To use iCloud Photo Library you need to make sure it is turned on in the Settings >> iCloud >> Photos on your iOS device  and also in System Preferences >> iCloud >> Photos.  Windows users need to make sure they have an updated copy of the iCloud for Windows client installed.  iCloud Photo Library needs to be enabled in the Photos settings.

For some Windows and Mac clients who also subscribe to Microsoft Office, I recommended using the One Drive solution.   Keep using it.  It does not hurt to have a 2nd backup.  However, iCloud Photo Library should also be enabled on your phones.  It is the only photo backup solution I know of that will actually help you save space on your phone.