Windows 10 Anniversary Recap

The first thing I have to mention is a security concern, so we have to take this seriously.
1.   As many of you know — I set up windows 10 with a custom start menu known as Classic Shell.   This start menu gave you the same familiar look and feel  of Windows 7 when I set you up with Windows 10.  Earlier this week, I notified you that Classic Shell had put out a Version 4.3 update.  That update was needed so your start menu could be fully compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.    I instructed you to download that update.   Some of you did.   The website that was hosting the download for Classic Shell got hacked, but not Classic Shell themselves.   For a brief period of time on Aug 2nd — people who downloaded Classic Shell may have gotten infected computers.    Classic Shell is now offering the download of their popular start menu directly on their website     They are not using a 3rd party service.     Please disregard the Classic Shell link in the previous e-mail.  I have also removed the link from my blog
– So if you haven’t updated your start menu yet, it is now safe to do it via
–  I would doing you a disservice if I did not mention the other option.   You could simply use the Windows 10 Start Menu as is.   You could remove Classic Shell entirely so you will never run into this problem again.   The Windows 10 Start Menu looks a bit different, but after a day you will get used to it. I’m sure.  Here is an article about how to customize the default Start Menu in Windows 10 (sans Classic Shell)  You need to uninstall Classic Shell first.
2.  Here are the links to the two postings I made about the Windows 10 update this week
–  My long form article — Windows 10 version 1607, Anniversary Update.    This post contains my thoughts and an overview of key features.
3.  I want to mention one more thought in closing.   I realize that I have many clients who are getting up there in age.  Some of you are new clients; some of you have just been with me for a while.    Windows is a complex operating system.  While it has improved, there is always the potential for trouble.   If you don’t keep a lot of pictures or documents on your computer;  if you use it mostly for going online — you should really consider a Chromebook (laptop) or Chromebox (desktop).   There are many brands available, but they all run Google’s Chrome Operating System.  This is essentially Google’s Chrome browser plus a few extras.   These computers are affordable and if something ever goes wrong, you can reset them in 5 minutes.    Owning a Chromebook means you will likely be seeing less of me, but I want to do right by you.  If you have no idea what a Chromebook or Chromebox is — search for them the next time you go on Google.   For some of you,  one of these devices would make an excellent next computer.  Furthermore, there is no risk of a virus with these devices.