PS. A little more on Windows 10 Anniversary Update

1.  The special start menu program — Classic Shell — you know the one that makes your start menu look like the Windows 7 start menu — was updated on Monday.   It was updated to version 4.3.  You need to download and install this update.  It will take you all of 3 minutes.   You must install it after you download it.

Here is the direct link

2.  I know you will wonder — do I have the update yet?  Was it pushed out to my computer yet?

Here is how you check.

Click on the Start Menu.  Click the search box at the bottom.   Type ‘winver’  (no quotes) and press Enter.   If the update has been installed it will say version 1607.   If you do not have the update, it will say version 1511.   You can keep checking daily or a couple times a week.

If you are not going to be personally scheduling a session with me to do the update for you, it may take up to a couple weeks for the update to be pushed out to your computer.   Patience!

3.  Many of you received an e-mail about Skype’s privacy practices.  This is nothing to worry about.  Microsoft, owner of Skype since 2011, has moved Skype onto their servers.  Over the past few years Skype has become the official Microsoft messaging application.  Think of this move as creating a more reliable Skype for the future.