Sony portable radio ICF-F10

I was in the mood for a portable or small tabletop radio.   I wanted something that looked like my Grandpa’s 1980’s Sony radio.  He spent many afternoons and evenings listening to Red Sox games on his radio.   At first, I bought a Sony alarm clock – known as the ICF-C1.    It was well designed and the radio seemed decent.  However, it would not run the radio on battery.  I didn’t want to be forced to listen to the games in one location.  I actually returned the ICF-C1 and decided to keep looking. Fortunately, I came across the Sony ICF-F10.   It seems like it came to market around 2013.   With the exception of it having a black speaker grill (Grandpa’s was silver), it is a near replica of the one I had seen so many times over the years.   

$20 on Amazon?  SOLD. 

Here is a review from a gadget expert in Montreal, Canada.