Update your iOS ad blocker

One of the major highlights of iOS 9,  released last fall, was the fact that Apple allowed ad blockers in their App Store.

Ads on mobile devices can be so annoying.  They can actually prevent you from using websites.  That’s how bad they get.   Within days, several ad blocker apps became top 10 favorites in the App Store.   The two leading contenders back then were Crystal and Purify.  Late last year, I recommended that you install one of those apps.  They charged a nominal fee of $1.   

We need to reassess the situation because it is now late July and both of those ad blockers (you only need one, remember)  have not been updated for 6 months or more.  Ads are creeping through.    So it’s my recommendation that you delete Crystal or Purify if you have them installed.   I am now recommending that you install one of the following ad blockers on your iOS devices

-AdGuard  (free)

-1Blocker  ($3, as an in-app purchase)

We generally trust free applications from Microsoft, Apple, and Google.  They either make money by advertising (Google),  sell us hardware (Apple), or offer paid software for more advance use (Microsoft).    I checked out AdGuard.  Their iOS ad blocker is free with no strings attached.   They make their money by selling ad blockers for the computer.  1Blocker offers you basic functionality for free, however to really use the app, its a mere $3.  This in-app upgrade is handled within the app.

The setup — 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how fast your fingers are.  

1.  After installing Ad Guard or 1Blocker

2.  Go to Settings

3.  Scroll down to Safari

3a. Tap on Content blockers

4.  Flick your ad blocker to the ON position (hint: that means green)

5.  Close and re-open Safari (the browser you should normally use on IOS).

5a.  Double tap on the home button, scroll through the apps to find Safari

5b.  Flick Safari up to close it.  Press home button to go back to your home screen.