A Sample Mac Lesson

My clients want to learn how to use their tech.  We can have extremely productive appointments fixing dysfunctional tech or setting up new gadgets, but what good is it if the client can’t develop basic competencies in the device, software, or service at hand?

Here are the topics that I recently covered in a lesson with a pair of Mac clients.   Keep in mind that these objectives could be customized for a different preferred browser, mobile devices used, etc. This lesson was not intended for an advanced audience.

The clients will be able to….

1. Shut down and restart their Mac, knowing the difference between shut down, restart, and sleep.

2.  Demonstrate basic competence in using both the Apple Mail and Gmail (web based) email clients.    Send, receive, reply, reply all, add recipients, create folders, move messages, and set an away message. 

3.  Demonstrate understanding of basic keyboard shortcuts in Chrome, such as those for history, print, and refresh.

4.  Learn what the “hamburger menu” is all about.  From this menu, I can get to —-what?    What can  I do to make Chrome faster?   What can I add to Chrome to make it more useful?

5.  Save receipts, articles, and important web pages by printing without paper. 

6.  Demonstrate competence in the Mac OS Finder.    What is Finder?  What information can I get from it?   Customize how Finder looks.  Create a new folder.  Copy and Paste, and Move  (cut) and Paste files. 

7.  Use the Launchpad and full screen apps.   Make the Mac work like the iPhone and iPad by flipping through apps with the keyboard using Mission Control.  Green circle?? Click —————-  and the left or right arrow.  

8. Manage contacts and calendars on the Mac.   Where else can I see these entries?

9.  Complete a manual backup of the iPhone and iPad by doing the following….

10.  Verify that pictures are being backed up to iCloud via the web.  Verify current iCloud storage usage by checking my iPhone. 

Bonus:  Respond to iMessages and Answer phone calls via the Mac.