Backing up Notes and other iOS data

Use iMazing!


I have encountered at least a few clients lately who have taken extensive notes in the Notes app (Apple’s app) on their iOS device.   Notes a very simple app.   Grocery shopping list — put it in notes.   Want to keep track of the characters in your favorite show — put it in notes.   Although there may be better apps for it,  I have seen my clients use Notes for to lists.     Notes works best when they are synced to an iCloud account.  Notes can also be synced to a Google account.    Therefore, if your iOS device needs to be erased — you don’t lose your notes.  They are synced to the cloud.  

However….. in the past, you needed an iCloud e-mail account to sync Notes.  Many users sync contacts and calendar to iCloud, but do not use iCloud e-mail.  That’s fine.  You shouldn’t be forced into using features that you don’t want.  Some of you are just learning about the Google account option now.  So if you have been using notes, then you may have just been saving them to your device locally.  Oops!  What happens with things go wrong?

I am going to make an unsolicited plug here.    You need iMazing.   I get no credit for mentioning them.  If you keep a serious amount of data on your iOS device, you need to spend the $30 for iMazing today, or certainly this week.  Then you need to use iMazing to make backups of your iOS device onto your computer — monthly.  Put it on the calendar.  Make a reminder on the computer.    iMazing does backups in a way that iCloud backup or iTunes cannot.   iMazing does backups of the individual components.

Those notes?   You can back them up and even export them as little text files (not a bad idea if you have a serious amount of notes).    Here is the iMazing reference article

iMazing backs up everything on your iPhone — to a Windows or Mac computer — but it backs up each important piece separately.  This becomes a great asset in a restoration.  Songs are messed up?   You can restore just the songs without having to erase and rebuild your whole iPhone.   The same is true for notes, or calendar entries?  Or a specific app?   Once you get the hang of iMazing — you may want to back up more often, like weekly or bi-weekly.    Do you use your iOS device for business?  You need iMazing.

So unless your iPhone or iPad is strictly a “funny farm” / goof off device to you — where you could just erase and start over with no loss….  visit today.  Buy and install a copy for your Windows or Mac system.  Then plug your iOS device in, start up iMazing and do your first backup.