iOS 10–obsolete devices

This is a special message for all iPhone and iPad users.You can also share this with users of these devices in your family.   

Apple gave their keynote address at their annual World Wide Developer Conference today.   One of the big announcement was the launch of iOS 10, the new operating system for their mobile devices.  It is coming in the fall.   We can also expect to see a further integration of MacOS (no longer called Mac OS X) and iOS in the future.  

With iOS 10 coming in the next couple months, you have to know that certain iPads and iPhones — will not be compatible.  I know that several of you may still be using the original iPad or iPad 2 (released in 2010 and 2011, respectively).   The original iPad has not received updates in some time.  It was obsolete as of fall 2012.   Here are a few reference points for you.  I will post the link to an  article from iMore below.  

(full size) iPad —  iPad 4 and newer will be updated (released fall 2012)

iPad Mini — iPad Mini 2 and newer will be updated (released fall 2013)

iPhone  — iPhone 5 and newer will be updated (released fall 2012)

iPod Touch – iPod Touch 6 and newer will be updated  (released July 2015)

** When iOS 10 is released in approximately September or October 2016, it will be unsafe to use iPads and iPhones older than the devices indicated.  They will no longer receive security updates. It will be time for you to purchase a new device if you want to continue being an iPhone and iPad user  if you have one of the older models.

Reference —

FYI, if you are unsure which model you have off of the top of your head — please go to Settings >> General >> About on your iOS device.   In that section, scroll down to the the Model section.    There will be a Model #.   Google that model number.  It will tell you which one you have.