Mac Anti-Virus Anti-Malware

Mac security is a real issue these days. It’s still not as bad as the Windows environment, but the fact is that Mac users are a target. Macs have sold well over the past few years and as long as a certain operating system is selling, you can be sure that bad people will try to attack it.

Many of you have taken my advice and installed Intego for Mac. Intego is still my anti-virus / anti-malware of choice for the Mac platform. It costs around $40 per year and they don’t try to introduce you to any trial offers. I really like Intego because they offer phone support. Some of my clients have called them and reported back that they were handled with care. No advanced level of knowledge was needed

For those of you who have no Mac anti-virus / anti-malware software right now and seem hesitant about paying a yearly fee, I will highly recommend Avast for Mac. Let’s call it a strong #2 contender. Avast is a well established player in the IT security software market. They have primarily made their name in the Windows market. They offer free and paid Windows product, with the latter giving paid support to clients. For better or worse they only offer a free Mac application. If you don’t have anything right now, I would recommend installing Avast for Mac. ** Please uncheck the Avast VPN secure line trial during installation. It is not required. It is a separate application. You can’t fault them for trying to offer a paid product with free software.**
The direct download link for Avast is

No configuration is needed. Here is a brief tutorial for Avast should you want to learn about the settings