Why we keep things up to date

… plus a Summer – Fall technology preview and some picks at the end…

I know that computer and mobile updates seem to be never ending at times.  However, I had a client on Friday that was a case and point example of why upgrading to Windows 10 (or the latest Mac OS for example) is a good idea.    When the operating system needs to be reinstalled, life is so much simpler.  Granted, this client’s workstation did not have a lot of documents, music or pictures.  Most of them were stored on a network storage (NAS) drive in the office, which did not require any remediation.  However, I had to completely erase the hard drive and reinstall Windows.  I had to reinstall Microsoft Office and configure two different e-mail accounts in Outlook.  I had to reinstall drivers for two printers, test the scanner, configure the Chrome browser, and reinstall about a half dozen applications.   Do you know how long this took me?

Let me just say this.  If the computer had Windows 7 on it, the Projects Manager in the office would have had to get out a folding bed, a pillow, and a supply of popcorn for me.  I would have been there until midnight.   To do a clean install of Windows 10 (which was previously on the computer) even with all of the tasks I mentioned in the previous paragraph — took me a whopping 2 HOURS!!  That’s all folks.     That’s why you keep things up to date.   I am not saying you have to update to the newest version on a day 1, and certainly not if you have a critical business applications which may not be compatible.  However, we update to the latest Windows or the latest Mac OS — within a reasonable time because it saves you hassles and saves you money.

Summer / Fall Preview

Apple should be coming out with some new Mac Book Pro laptops and (hopefully…please)  some new Apple Air Port routers in the early part of June.   Windows will be updating to its second major revision of Windows 10 in late July or August.  This update is coded named “Redstone”.  It is still Windows 10; this is not Windows 11.   It will be an automatic update for all Windows 10 users.   You can expect the next Mac OS to come out some time between September and November.  Apple always says “this fall”.  Furthermore, are you ready for the iPhone 7?

I will leave you with a few picks

Thin and very attractive laptops:  2016 MacBook Air (now 8 GB of RAM standard), 2016 Dell XPS 13 and 15

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