Comcast Xfinity e-mail update

I have now received several complaints from my Comcast (Xfinity) customers since late last year on HOW BAD checking e-mail through their website has become.    Their website used to be accessed through but now all inquiries redirect to


As a humorous note, this Xfinity name change makes me think of when Amway tried changing its name in 1999.  They tried going by Quixtar as a means of shedding negative associations.  Like Amway, Comcast’s business did not fundamentally change.  However, perhaps they want you to think of infinity  — as in – “my bill is going up to infinity.”  HA, HA.

I have heard from several customers who have expressed from being frustrated to being completely lost.  Some of these customers are in their 80’s and 90’s and they were used to the Comcast homepage looking a certain way for 10 years.  This is unacceptable Comcast!!     I finally looked into the issue tonight.  Upon looking at Comcast’s official support forums, there is no way of going back.  You can’t click on a special address to go back to the old way.   I rarely use my Comcast mail account, but I decided to log in tonight.  While I figured it out – I can see how Joe / Jane computer user would be lost.   The website is now designed to cater to those who appreciate the design of the Chrome web browser.   If you are not a Chrome user, you are more likely to be clueless. 

So — while 10 years ago, I urged Comcast e-mail clients to use to check their e-mail – I am no longer making that blanket recommendation.  At this point, I recommend accessing your Comcast mail through a mail client.  Some of you are doing this already.  Here are some viable options on the common desktop and mobile platforms.  

Mac:  Apple Mail,  Thunderbird, or Outlook

Windows:   eM Client,  Thunderbird, or Outlook

iOS:  Mail app, Xfinity Mail app, or Outlook

Android:  Standard mail App / Gmail  or Xfinity Mail app, or Outlook

** You can get free phone support from Comcast or look up articles on to set up your account in one of these mail clients.  If those solutions fail, I am available for an appointment.