Windows Updates May 2016 more than usual

This Tuesday, May 10th, Microsoft pushed out a bunch of updates for Windows 10. While this is not the major "Anniversary update" that I told is coming in late July or early August, May’s set of updates was more comprehensive than the usual quick fix or two.

It is very likely that your Windows 10 computer performed these updates already. However, if you haven’t had it on much lately or shut it down at night — you may not have these patches.

As I said it is a sizable set of updates. They take about 15 minutes to install.

As soon as you are able
1) Go to your Start Menu
2) Go to PC Settings (Control Panel for the stragglers still on Windows 7)
3) Go to Updates (bottom of the list)
4) Check for Updates
5) Once that checking is finished, you will be given the option to either install the updates immediately or schedule them

*If you are scheduling the updates for later, please don’t Shut Down your computer tonight, let it go to sleep.