Sticky Notes for Windows – a simple built in program that makes sense

About a day ago, I gave my Mac clients a simple practical tip they could put to use right away. Now I am keeping that spirit going by introducing you to or reminding you of Sticky Notes for Windows.

Sticky Notes was first introduced in Windows 7, likely copying the staple app – Stickies – from the Mac. Sticky Notes has been carried over to Windows 8.1 and is right there and ready for you to use in Windows 10.

1. Click on your Start Menu and type — Sticky Notes in the search box.
2. It will appear. Select it with your mouse
3. A sample note appears on your desktop
4. Enter something you would like to remember on that note
5. That note will stay on your desktop, even after you restart or turn off your computer
6. You can add a new note by simply clicking the + on top of an existing note
7. You can change the color of the sticky by right clicking on the body of the note

Here is a short article about this simple, beautiful program

** For my "honors students" who want some more sophisticated desktop notes I could recommend Stickies for Windows. Please let me know if you need this extra-credit opportunity.