For my power Microsoft Word for Windows users

I am sending this one out to my Microsoft for Word (Windows) user clients. You depend on Word every day or at least a couple times a week. Word is essential to your work flow.

Last night — I felt like I was in the Microsoft Word zoo. I was finishing the complete draft of my FINAL UNIT PLAN for my teacher certification program. At times I had as many as 6 Word documents open and spread across my two screens. I thought, this is unbearable. Why can’t I have everything open in tabs, like I have in my Firefox or Chrome browser?

Microsoft does not have a solution for that. Fortunately, Microsoft Office allows for add-ins that can enhance the functionality of your favorite productivity programs. Office Tabs will make Word, Excel, and PowerPoint a joy to use

You know that I would not recommend anything, especially free software, unless I have thoroughly vetted it. Office Tabs has been written about since 2009 in leading technology publications. I also scanned it with Virus Total and it came up to be virus free when measured against 61 detection engines. The skeptic in me, when dealing with free software, always makes me ask well how do they make money? Office Tabs is free for use in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They sell a separate product for "pro" users who want tabs in Access, Publisher, and Project.

Office Tabs has revolutionized my Microsoft Word experience. It made my workflow bearable. I strongly encourage you to download and install it today.

1 Make sure all Office programs are closed (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
2. Download and install Office Tabs
3. As you progress through the installation, you can leave it on all of the default options, you don’t have to change anything
4. Open Word.
5. Open a document, then open a second, and even a third. Click on the tabs to switch from one document to another. You can click on the X on the tab to close the document, or go to File >> Close