A fantastic keyboard for iOS and Android

A keyboard that will appeal to most of you: the Logitech K480.

Do you find yourself typing more and more on your iPhone, iPad or Android device? Would you like to use the mobile device more if you only had a decent keyboard? I had a customer the other day who needed to type some really important work related e-mails from his iPhone. I decided to play the role of the teacher. Yeah, I could type them for him. However, he was going to type similar e-mails from the phone the next day and probably a few more times. I got tired of seeing him struggle. I said — we are getting a keyboard!!

I have helped customers with iPhone / iPad keyboards before. I think the old models were lousy solutions. As far as the iPad was concerned, they were a combination keyboard and cover. These made the iPad feel very heavy. Other keyboards required a separate stand. Both of these are not practical. Most people want to keep their smartphone or tablet in its own case and not have it hitched to the keyboard 24/7.

The K480 keyboard — priced at $40 right now (on sale), I has a groove that you can rest your iPad, iPhone or Android device in. You can position it vertically or horizontally. It just works — period. And you can buy one and use it with more than one device. You can even share it among multiple devices. The K480 can be set for up to 4 devices. Please look at the picture. The "groove" can accommodate your iPhone, iPad or Android device — even with its case on. I can safely say that any case that is thin or of medium thickness would be fine.

This keyboard comes in black or white. There are more glamorous options. There are keyboards that glow in the dark, but this model hits the sweet spot for just about everyone and it comes with clear setup directions. It is a pleasure to type on as well. The keys are well spaced.