Macs Only: Power Photos

If you don’t have a lot of photos on your Mac, perhaps just a collection from one family event, you can skip this message.

At this time I am reaching out to several of you who keep hundreds if not thousands of photos on your Macs. You’ve taken pics from dozens of events, dating back many years.

When Apple made the switch from iPhoto to Photos, it left a lot to be desired. First off all, we could not organize our photos the same way. It actually seemed like photos were missing, even though they weren’t.

Enter Fat Cat Software with a solution. For years they made a great adjunct to iPhoto called iPhoto Library Manager. Given that iPhoto no longer exists, they have updated their product and it is now known as Power Photos. If you are even remotely serious about your photos and you take them often, I highly recommend this application. It is not a replacement for Apple Photos but is meant to be used as an add on too for management of your sprawling photo collections.

It is reasonably priced at $29.95, but for a limited time you can use the promo code MGG to save 20%