Mac owners rejoice: replacement hard drives finally exist for 2013 and later models

I have some really good news. While the Mac laptops are more popular than ever, there was a big problem with the 2013 and later models (Air and Retina MacBook Pro). If the hard drive died, and the computer was out of warranty — the customer was faced with buying a new hard drive or paying a thru the roof price from Apple.

Other World Computing (, a supplier of Mac accessories since 1988, is now selling replacement hard drives for the 2013 and later MacBooks. Mac users finally have options. The truth remains that these are not bargain, $100 hard drives, like models for older Macs or PC laptops. The replacement hard drives for the new Mac Books are $347 and $597. Mac users typically pay more for anything; that is part of the experience.

OWC will begin shipping these hard drives in mid-March. The key thing here is that they exist. Should you need a bigger hard drive for your 2013 and later MacBook, or it dies, OWC is the go to source and I can gladly install it for you.