News: AT&T dumping Uverse TV service

AT&T’s Giving Up on U-Verse Television –

Many of my Connecticut customers will find this story very interesting.

As you know ATT (not ATT Wireless) was a local phone, internet and TV provider in CT until Oct 31 2014. Things got confusing since 2008 when ATT started offering services under a separate brand called Uverse. Uverse promised internet based phone, faster internet and of course cable-based TV service for those who could get it.

While the TV service never reached all of CT, ATT still allowed customers to keep their old "ma bell" landline phones. By mid 2013 ATT was starting to force as many CT customers as they could over to Uverse Internet. Once the Frontier purchase of ATT’s assets was announced in Dec 2013, i started getting as many of my customers over to Cable internet as possible.

I didn’t regret it then and i certainly feel the same way in light of this news. Frontier still offers internet and TV to customers under the Uverse banner.

Will they continue to do so? If you currently have Frontier Uverse services, this is a question you need to answer.

Changes can be frustrating!