Update: Generating secure passwords

We can call this a Bare Minimum Tuesday Update

Some of you have taken my advice and use password managers — namely my two favorites 1Password and Last Pass. Chrome and Firefox have "sort of OK" password managers built in, however they are a chore to use.

One of the best features of a good password manager is that it can generate random passwords for you so that you don’t have to think. Most of my clients come up with very poor passwords on their own because they don’t have a great deal of entropy (randomness).

I know that some of us are planning to do a "password session" soon or later in the Spring. For those of you who have a password manager or even to you hold outs, you should be using a tool like this as a bare minimum.


It is a website, not a program you have to download and install. You should make your passwords at least 12 characters long. From that link https://www.random.org/passwords/ you can even generate a sent of 5, 10, 15, etc, passwords that you can PRINT OUT (HINT HINT) for use the next time you need to come up with a new password.