Why I love using Skype for remote support

1. It’s FREE
2. It’s easy to download from Skype.com and install
3. You can create a unique user name and password or sign in with a Microsoft account (Office, Hotmail / Outlook.com)
4. I don’t care how you look or if you are wearing a new shirt or are having a bad hair day — I don’t use the video conferencing features of Skype
5. I use the — Share Screen (or screen share) feature of Skype
6. As long as there is a decent Internet connection — I can help you from anywhere.
7. You are in full control of your computer at all times. Screen sharing is just that. You are showing me your computer. This is not a remote takeover situation.
8. You learn by doing because I am instructing you on what to do.
9. I can easily support Mac or Windows customers, regardless of which platform I am using.
10. It is cost effective support. With Skype, I bill in half hour increments. For in person appointments I charge a 1 hour minimum.