The GPS is still valuable

The GPS: Still Valuable in 2016

I’m sure I have said this before, but I really appreciate taking a standalone GPS on a car trip when I have to travel down roads that I am not entirely familiar with. Surely, all of our smartphones offer GPS functionality through Apple or Google Maps. However, the GPS has a singular purpose. I personally believe that putting a smartphone up on the windshield or the dashboard can lead to dangerous distractions.

I prefer the Garmin brand of GPS, specifically the models that have LMT — lifetime maps and traffic updates. New roads are build and exits can change. The free maps feature is extremely valuable. However, the "traffic beacon" is a priceless feature. It connects to travel advisory radio networks in many areas and then suggests alternate routes depending on the situation.

My daughter and I were coming home from JFK the other night after bringing our guests back to the airport. When north central Connecticut is the ultimate destination, taking 684 to 84 is the shorter route. However, the GPS told us to take the Merritt Parkway — Route 15. Normally the latter route is a good 20 minutes longer (and that might be generous). I went with my daughter’s advice and agreed to go home through Danbury. HUGE MISTAKE. A portable sign lit up as we passed through Brookfield or Newtown — Exit 23 to 25 closed: take alternate route. Since I wasn’t driving at this point, I tried to pull up some relevant news. That section of I-84 was a disaster in the 11 PM hour and more than usual. A tractor trailer had flipped over during an accident and there was a fire. At that point, my human GPS kicked in and I directed my daughter up route 8 and some back roads so we could get home. The Garmin was right!!

Some GPS models that I think you should consider are
Amazon’s #1 seller the Garmin 2597 LMT
The Garmin 2797 LMT with its larger screen