New apple TV — and Apple TV ioS app

As you may know — Apple updated its Apple TV box in November. The fourth generation box is now out. This is not a minor upgrade. Compared to the previous model released in early 2013, it is like night and day. I’m not telling you that you must go out and buy this today. However, it is the model you will be buying when A) your current Apple TV conks out or 2) features are taken away from your existing Apple TV. To learn about the new Apple TV, see here

As good as it is, I could not fully give the new model my blessing until now. The new remote is hit or miss. Some people love it, while other people say its slippery and fragile. I couldn’t put you in that position. There aren’t really any alternative / universal remotes at this time. Furthermore, Apple’s own iOS app remote for Apple TV was not updated to support the new Apple TV model at the time of product launch. .

As of Dec. 9, the problem has been solved with the iOS app. There is a chance you may like the physical remote, but the remote app would be my first choice. You can now easily control the 4th generation Apple TV with your iPad or iPhone.