Windows Update: Clarification (Big Update today)

I have an update to the announcement from yesterday. This specifically pertains to Windows 10.

That update I mentioned in yesterday’s e-mail was released on Tuesday. However, the BIG DEAL Windows 10 update was actually released today. It is known as
Upgrade to Windows 10 (Pro), version 1511, 10586

It will be automatically downloaded and installed on your Windows 10 computer within days. You can follow the general idea of the e-mail I sent and the steps to check and make sure that you have no available updates.

My only corrections to the e-mail were the name of the update and the date. Tuesday we had stability and security updates (for Windows 7 and 8 also); today November 12 marks the "Threshold 2" update for Windows 10.

There is no need to power your computer down over the next few days. Just let it go to sleep. Microsoft does not automatically push out the updates to everyone on the same day. By Monday or Tuesday, I think it would be safe to do a full Shut Down. If you are adventurous or have done so before, you can manually grab the update now.