Time to clean up your Facebook posts, and your kids too

This is a message for you (if you are a Facebook user), but perhaps more directly to your kids. I started taking care of your technology needs, in many cases, when your kids were 10 or in their early teens. Today your children are in college or in the early stages of their professional career.

Facebook made some big changes last week. Am I a Facebook user? No. Do I still see a value in the service? YES. However, their preferences — especially those pertaining to privacy — are a moving target. You need to adjust to their changes every few months.

These days Facebook is really into mobile messaging and mobile payments, but also being the ultimate internet repository for everything — especially breaking news — regardless if you are on a computer or mobile device.

As of last week — all public posts (posts that you didn’t mark for Friends only or Friends of Friends or Private) ARE SEARCHABLE BY ANYONE IN THE WORLD.

Suggestion: go back and look at any posts you made. Set them to Only Me or Friends. All of them!

Also — Facebook is now letting anyone send you Messages – not only friends. They have loosened up the standards.

Suggestion: This is no different than Yahoo Messenger or Skype or many other messaging services. Be prepared to block more people and erase more unwanted messages. Don’t respond to a weirdo and ask "Why did you message me? Who are you?" Let it go.

Bottom line:

Facebook wants to connect the world at "no cost" and that is noble, but you still have rights on how connected you get. You need to exercise those rights on a regular basis and your kids do too. A picture of you and a "brewski" in a Public post could be enough for an employer to say "No job for you!"