Simple Sunday Technology and computer tips

F.Lux for Windows and Mac
1. Blue light coming from the computer screen can really hurt our eyes. Viewing this light late at night can potentially be a major hindrance to sleep.

Please check out and install F.Lux. It’s a truly free application for Mac and Windows. You install it, you enter your zip code. Automatically, it will adjust the brightness and color temperature of your screen depending on the hour of day. Movie and TV fans, fear not! You can easily override the settings. I have been using F.Lux for at least a year. I don’t think I have ever told you about it.

Two similar apps exist on Android – Lux Auto Brightness and Twilight Pro. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow these types of apps on iPhone (yet).

The 959 Area Code is OK

2. I am right there with you in spirit in fighting SCAM PHONE CALLS. I hate them. I try to warn you of new scemes, especially those that relate to the computer field. I appreciate your feedback based on the con artists that have targeted you. However, this one is not a scam:

– Calls that come from the 959 area code. We have run out of 860 numbers in Connecticut. New numbers are starting to be assigned with 959. Treat them like any other local call. Soon, 475 area code will also be used for the southwestern portion of our state. This will occur when all 203 numbers have been exhausted.