Macs Only: OSX 10.11.1 is here

Apple released a small update to their latest OS 10.11 on Wednesday. The update is known as OS 10.11.1 and it is available through the Mac App Store.

If you have not yet upgraded from 10.10 to 10.11, you will get this minor update automatically.

10.11.1 is also significant in that it is fully compatible with the latest Microsoft Office for Mac, version 2016. A few of you have 2016 already. If you are on 2011, you should be moving in the 2016 direction. I believe the cutoff date is early 2017. As I mentioned before, there are two options for purchase: standalone and yearly subscription.

If you want to upgrade your Mac to OS 10.11 yourself, please review my previous article.

I know that a good number of you will want me to handle the upgrade for you. I have helped some Mac clients with this process already. 2.5 – 3 hours is a safe estimate, excluding special circumstances.