Monitors: If you need a square monitor or your eyes need some help

Many of you are over 50.

Some of you have eye trouble.

You may just want a monitor that is good on the eyes or good for reading.

This monitor is it. I think I sent an e-mail like this a few years ago, but it is worth giving you some updated information. Square monitors are getting harder and harder to find. Offices buy them, but consumers don’t see them in the local stores because WIDE SCREEN monitors are what the stores carry. They are cheap and often built with surplus screen material from those widescreen TVs. TV’s and computer monitors are different animals.

If you have trouble with your eyes or just need a monitor for a crisp reading experience — this one is for you. It’s not a $120 like those cheap monitors at Best Buy, but I can promise you that at $249 it is the sharpest monitor you can find at this price. If you really have eye trouble, the resolution could be increased to 1024 x 768, making things just a bit bigger. FYI, this monitor will work with Windows and Mac. It would also make a nice second monitor for a laptop.