Mid-October Ad Blocking Update

As I have explained to you before, how we deal with adblocking is going to be our next battlefront on the internet. We have the tools themselves, the adblockers, which are open to outside influences. We have us the consumers whose computers get slowed down and even infected because of ads. And finally we have legitimate websites that do not charge for their use, but pay their bills through ads.

Soon after I wrote about AdBlock, created by Michael Gundlach, IT WAS SOLD. Michael’s former 2nd in command is now running the show. Like their competitor Ad Block Plus, Ad Block is now allowing “acceptable ads” by default. I balked at AdBlock Plus doing this and that is why I told you to use Ad Block. However, Eyeo (a German company, I believe), the company behind AdBlock Plus has decided that they are turning over the decisions on “acceptable ads” to a 3rd party commission. Hmmm…for all I have written about this issue, I should be nominated for a seat.

So for your computers — whether they be Mac or PC — this is my recommendation
– AdBlock or Ad Block Plus
– With “Allow acceptable ads” unchecked (meaning turned off in the preferences)

Most of you have one of these 2 ad blockers already. You can check if the appropriate preference is set by clicking on the stop sign in your browser. If you are a client and I have met with you in the past view weeks, I have already set this up for you.

As far as MODERN iOS devices are concerned (iPhone 5s and later iPad Air and later, iPad Mini 2 and later): I recommend Purify for a simple app and 1Blocker if you really like to get into complex blocking schemes.

For Older iOS devices
Please download the AdBlock Plus Browser (made by Eyeo, the company behind AdBlock Plus). Content blockers only work on the post 2013 iOS devices (hint, hint, time to upgrade).