Macs Only Update: A laugh and a tip

I want to give you a laugh and a tip.

The Laugh: I don’t know if this made the nightly news tonight or the business news channels, but the big story in tech today was that Dell (now a private company) is purchasing EMC for $67 billion dollars. EMC is a huge player in the enterprise computing market. Their primary function is in storing data. Dell knows what butters their bread. They know that even though they make some of the best Windows PCs, computers aren’t making them any money. Within the past week, Dell tried to offload its PC business to Lenovo, HP, and Huawei. No one wanted it.

The Tip: You can easily take a screenshot of your Mac (a picture of what is on your screen at a given time). This may be useful for your own records, to remember what you did or what happened at a given time. However, it can also be helpful to share this screenshot with your computer guy. When I can see what you are experiencing without being there, it goes a long way toward helping me determine the severity of your issue. For quick tutorial, please look at this article.