Office 2011 Mac – update available

I was expecting to give you an update about Office 2016 for Mac this week, letting you know that it is safe to upgrade to this version and then proceed with an upgrade to Mac OS X 10.11.

However, just like a seasoned politician — Microsoft is shoring up its base. I feel bad for users who have upgraded to 2016 and have had some recent problems. (I am not one of them; 2016 is working well for me.).

Yesterday, Microsoft put out an update to Office 2011 for Mac, offering regular stability and security fixes. Office 2011 is now also compatible with Mac OS X 10.11

Steps to Update
– Open Word
– If you are not prompted by the Microsoft updater (if yes, skip to next step), Click on the Help menu >> Check for Updates
– Follow the update process through
– You will be asked to type your Mac password at some point
– You may be asked to quit Word. This is normal. The Microsoft updater needs this for the installation finish.

Where do we go from here?
-Office 2011 for Mac is expected to get security / stability fixes from Microsoft until early 2017.
-Office 2016 for Mac is the new version and has been released for general availability.
-If you are a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber, you can upgrade to 2016 at any time (please wait for my OK – based on the e-mail I sent earlier in the week). The latest version to Office is a privilege of your subscription.
-If you purchased Office 2011 as a standalone product, you can still do so for version 2016. The cost is about $150 per license (per compter) There is no more 3-user standalone family pack.. If you have a family of multiple computers or like the idea of a subscription (with the added benefits it brings like unlimited cloud storage with OneDrive) you can purchase the Office 365 Home subscription — 5 computers – $99 a year or 1 computer – $70 a year. (Windows / Mac — can mix and match).

Again, please wait for my OK to upgrade to Office 2016, whether you choose to buy / download the standalone version or sign up for the Office 365 subscription. Microsoft should be putting out an update any day now for 2016 to fix the initial bugs. is a fine option for buying Office using either purchase option.