Macs Only: Upgrading to Mac OS 10.11

Many of you have read about the new Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) already, based on my briefing last week and also other news sources. Some of you reported seeing it in your Mac App Store as an available option. It’s great that you are using the App Store to check for routine updates to your Mac.

Let me start off by saying that I am already using 10.11 on my Mac and have no problems whatsoever. I am not hearing of any horror stories as was the case with 10.9 two years ago. I am even using the latest Microsoft Office 2016 and have encountered zero issues. However, there appears to be a major problem with some people who use Microsoft Office 2016 and Mac OS 10.11. This is a problem that need to be resolved on Microsoft’s end. They are currently working with Microsoft to put out an update. And it should be “patched” by the end of the month.

If you are not using Microsoft Office at all, I think you can update. However, most of my Mac clients use it. If you are an Office for Mac user, please wait until the appropriate update comes out from Microsoft. I will be sending out an e-mail once Microsoft issues that patch. I have no problem with you updating yourself. In my experience, a lot of my Mac customers want me to handle it for them. I am going to give the steps involved one final time if you would like to handle this yourself.

Pre-install updates
1. Do all Apple software related updates by clicking on the Apple menu and App Store and Updates.
2. Update all non Apple software, 3rd party programs in your Applications folder

3. Make sure your Mac is backed up using an external drive using Apple’s built in Time Machine
4. Optional for some: If you use your Mac for business purposes and you have lots of files that you cannot afford to lose (or even if you have a huge family photo collection), you need a SECOND BACKUP onto an additional external hard drive. This is known as a CLONE (or exact copy) backup. There is a 3rd party program called Super Duper that I use for clone backups (no charge to do manual clones).
** Hard drive check: If your external hard drive is more than 3 years old, it needs to be replaced now. A decent external hard drive will cost you $75 to $150. I recommend a 1 TB size or more and 2 particular brands. Please ask.

The Installation
6. Obtain an 8 or 16 GB USB flash drive
7. Download the most recent version of the app OSX Disk Maker (free). Install it in your applications folder.
8. Download the OS 10.11 El Capitan update from the Mac App Store
9. When the download is finished the OSX installer will open. Quit this application
10. Go to your Applications folder. Open OSX Disk Maker that you previously installed.
11. Follow the prompts in OSX Disk Maker to create a backup of the OSX 10.11 installer on your USB Flash Drive
** This flash drive is a precautionary measure if you need to re-install the Mac OS in the future. You will not be using it to install this time.
12. It takes OSX Disk Maker about 30 minutes to create the installer on the USB Flash Drive. Be patient.
13. When this process is finished, quit all open applications and Shut Down your Mac.
14. Unplug the USB flash drive. Turn off all external hard drives.
15. Turn your Mac on again.
16. Go to your Applications folder and find the OSX 10.11 El Capitan Installer. Double click to launch.
17. Follow all of the prompts to complete the installation. This process will take 35 minutes to 1 hour, give or take.

Post Installation
18. You may be asked to sign into iCloud / Apple account. This is normal
19. Plug in your external hard drive, so that backups can resume
20. Check the Apple Menu >> App Store to perform subsequent updates
21. Update all 3rd party apps.

I am sure that 90% of you will probably want me to handle the installation for you. Did you get lost at step 4? I just wanted to publish the steps because I want to be TOTALLY HONEST with you. I recently acquired a new business client that is going to have me be their I.T. guy and fire the existing consultant. Why? It’s because I am refreshing and so transparent. Every time I publish detailed information, taking the secrets out of tech — as I did with this email, I don’t lose business. I GET MORE BUSINESS. You refer me to people; you want to learn new things; you want the job done right. I am so thankful for your support and for your loyalty as clients.

Please remember — we are waiting for that Microsoft Office update to install 10.11, if applicable.