The world of ad blocking changes even more

The ad blocker I widely praised in a blog post earlier this week, Ad Block (by Michael and Katie) has sold out to an undisclosed buyer. 40 million users!! Many who donated money to keep them employed and living in San Francisco……


Today — October 3, 2015 AdBlock Plus and AdBlock are no different. The only positive developments here are that the “Acceptable Ads” they are going to allow will be overseen by an independent board. With AdBlock Plus and AdBlock the acceptable ads can be turned off, still leaving you in full control of which websites you want to “whitelist.”

Therefore, today I am saying that the best ad blocker for computer browsers is uBlock Origin (uBlock for Safari). AdBlock Plus / Ad Block are OK second choices, with full manual control.

I re-affirm my picks — Purify and 1Blocker for iOS