Microsoft reaffirms privacy commitment, but Windows will keep collecting data

Microsoft clearly defines it’s a privacy policy.

Microsoft reaffirms privacy commitment, but Windows will keep collecting data via Ars Technica » Peter Bright

The privacy implications of Windows 10 and its data collection have been a talking point since the operating system was released. And today, Microsoft published a response of sorts.

For the most part, the new blog post reiterates the company’s (lengthy) privacy policy. Terry Myerson, leader of the Windows and Devices Group, describes three classes of data and describes Microsoft’s approach to each.

First is the safety and reliability telemetry data, data; information about system and application crashes. Myerson says that this information should be anonymous; most of it has no personal information at all, and to the extent that personal information might be included (disclosed in, for example, file and directory names or fragments of memory included in crash reports), Microsoft tries to scrub all data that it receives.

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