A computer tips and news laundry list

Computer Stuff

1. For those of you who want an iPad sized tablet, but are really into Google services and want and Android mobile device — Samsung has just released the Galaxy Tab S2. It is 9.7 inches like the iPad and costs $500 just like the iPad. It has twice the storage, however. There is also an 8.0 inch cousin for a few less $$. Frankly, this is the only Android tablet that I put my name behind (unless Google contracts with Asus to make Nexus tablets again). http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-32GB-Black/dp/B0134RE54W/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1441680957&sr=1-1&keywords=galaxy+tab+s2

2. This is not an all Android e-mail, I promise. I have raved to you about the Motorola Android phones in the past. If you want a cheap, but more than capable phone — the Moto E and Moto G are excellent and less than $200 (no contract). You can get those phones at Motorola.com and use them with your ATT or Tmobile service. This past week, Motorola released its flagship phone, the Moto X (updated 2015 model). It is a PREMIUM phone, worthy of consideration against the iPhone and high end Samsung phones. It is available for Verizon and the other carriers. It is a $399, a bargain considering that the iPhone is $650 and the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is $700 +. It can be ordered on Motorola.com as well.

3. I had a Mac customer the other night who had their browser get hacked. It could happen to anyone, even you. Fortunately, it seems like the attack did not penetrate through to the computer or files. I do not believe any sensitive information was leaked out through Firefox (in this case) browser. An warning came up, telling the customer she had a Windows virus (impossible because this was on a Mac). A box popped up — asking the user to click OK. Thankfully she did not or all kinds of hell might have broken loose. I got there, I reset Firefox and reinstalled an ad blocker. I only recommend AdBlock Plus or UBlock Origin. In this case, we went with the latter. Frankly, some sites need to have ad blocking turned off. If you like watching free TV shows through NBC or CBS’s websites (a great feature by the way), you must have ad blocking off. Both AdBlock Plus and UBlock Origin — have an easy feature to turn off the ad blocking on a per site basis. Easy peasy!

4. Speaking of ad blocking — You Tube will now bypass ad blockers. I don’t blame them. Google is trying to establish You Tube as a 21st century “TV network” and then some. You Tube doesn’t actually make that much money for Google. I don’t know whether you have to turn your adblocker off on YouTube or it will just ignore it. I’ll get back to you on that.

5. You may think, why have the ad blocker installed at all. Go back to #3. That customer’s browser was hijacked due to malicious advertising. Google isn’t the only online ad network out there and I have never heard of their ads infecting people. I would have no problem allowing Google’s ads (which are all text based for the most part). The other ad networks are sketchy and do not have the same sense of security enforcement as Google.

6. New iPhones this week? Probably! Look for an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, or a similar naming convention. These will be evolutionary, not revolutionary upgrades. Last year was the big jump; this year there are small improvements. Keep in mind the new pricing system for buying phones here. You can either buy your iPhone outright for $650 ++ or break it into interest free payments with your carrier. There are no more 2 year contracts with a $200 out the door price. Will you be paying more or less than before? You will likely see a minimal difference. However, the carriers should be applauded for more straight forward pricing. I predicted this in an e-mail I sent out to you —- more than a year ago.