Simple Friday Tip: Make Sure You Have Backups of your Files

It’s hard to be more cool and more connected in the “Apple press” than Jim Dalrymple. Those of you who read Mac World magazine back in the day may remember this name. Jim is now the Editor and founder of The Loop Insight and is one of just a couple tech journalists that gets tipped off whenever Apple makes a breaking announcement. Jim is also an accomplished rock guitarist and sports a really long beard.

However, this is not a Mac related e-mail or my best effort to nominate Jim for an award. Jim tried out the new Apple Music service. For $9.99 a month, Apple is letting you download unlimited music and mix these songs with your existing songs to make an even bigger library. Music lovers rejoice, right? Unfortunately, the roll out of Apple Music has been a disaster. Jim Dalrymple absolutely hates it.

The point here is — a guy who is extremely tech savvy — even more so than I am did not have a proper backup of all of his music with him. When Apple Music was mixing the new songs with his existing songs, Jim lost 4700 songs. He had 10’s of thousands of songs to begin with. Truth be told, he does have a backup way back home in Nova Scotia but since he spends a lot of time down here on business he won’t be able to rock out to his favorite tunes for a while

So at this point — THINK OF YOUR BACKUPS. Unless your computer is just a portal for you to access the internet and you have no important files stored on there — you need a backup mechanism — in fact you need 2.

Your backups could be
Online storage for important files / folders — ie. Dropbox, One Drive
A complete online backup — ie. Carbonite , Crash Plan
External hard drives

If you have important files on your computer, and you would never want to lose these files, please think of your two backups.