After Facebook called for its death, now Firefox is blocking Flash by default

Bye bye FLASH!

After Facebook called for its death, now Firefox is blocking Flash by default

After a number of issues and exploits have been discovered recently, Mozilla has taken a big step and is now blocking Flash in all of its Firefox browsers.

Flash, the much maligned and hated software on which a surprisingly big part of the web still relies, has often been criticized for its faulty security. More recently, unpatched vulnerabilities, which are being exploited in the wild have transformed Adobe’s platform into an even bigger liability.

But you’re a bit safer if you rely on Firefox, as Mozilla has put Flash on its blacklist of software and addons. The program is disabled by default and can only be enabled if the users click on a prompt that pops up. The reasoning here is that Flash needn’t be blocked completely, but it should be running without the user’s knowledge either.

It is time for Adobe to announce the end-of-life date for Flash and to ask the browsers to set killbits on the same day.

— Alex Stamos (@alexstamos) July 12, 2015

Meanwhile, Facebook’s new security chief has been calling for the death of Flash and asking Adobe to provide a clear end of life date, in order to move the entire web forward. Many of the platform’s functions will be taken over by HTML 5 and other, more secure, technologies going forward.

Hopefully a future without Flash means better security, better video streaming and better battery life on some of our devices.

Source: GHacks, Alex Stamos