Taskview – Absolutely the best Windows 10 feature

Do you only have one monitor or laptop screen, but want to neatly position your work on several desktops?

Windows 10 has the answer. It is called Taskview. Microsoft is not doing anything revolutionary here; virtual desktops have been a staple on Macs and Linux operating systems for years. With Windows 10, Microsoft is finally voting YES to helping you stay more productive and organized.

Turn your 1 desktop into 4. If you use two monitors this means you can have a total of 8 workspaces.

No longer will you have to close your web browser to see a word document or a game. Put them each on their own virtual desktop with Taskview.

There will be an icon at the bottom of the screen for you to activate Taskview. However, this article will teach you some of the keyboard commands necessary to make it work. I really prefer the keyboard shortcuts.