Resetting your browser

Resetting Your Browser
A Wise Choice in Times of Trouble

At times you may just have a messed up browser.

You aren’t infected with malware or a virus.

The problem is strictly limited to browser corruption.

If your browser situation was completely unbearable, I recommend pursuing a reset before taking more drastic malware mitigation steps.

Here I will cover how you reset the two universal browsers that I recommend. (Remember, Safari and Internet Explorer are not universal browsers. Internet Explorer is being replaced in Windows 10 anyway.)


1. Click the Hamburger menu (3 line menu to the right of the address / search bar)
2. Click settings
3. Scroll down to the bottom — clicked Show Advanced Settings
4. At the bottom click – Reset settings


1. Click Help menu
2. Click Troubleshooting Information
3. Click Refresh (button)

Keep in mind: Resetting your browser will clear out most saved information, including websites you have logged into. Bookmarks will not be erased. Any customization or browsers extensions will be erased, but they can be re-installed. If you have Chrome set to sync with your Google account or Firefox set to sync with a Firefox account (configured with any e-mail account).