Macs only: Beware of the green button

There has been one change in Mac OS 10.10 (which most of you have by now) that has gone over about as well as a mouse running through your favorite steakhouse.

Traditionally, in any Mac application, you have three dots on the upper left on any window. There is a red dot to close the window, an yellow dot to minimize the window (down to the lower right of your screen on the dock) and a green dot to maximize the window.

However, in its “Apple knows best” wisdom, Apple has decided that the green dot means something else as of last fall. The green dot means FULL SCREEN MODE. Apparently, a lot of people like this feature.

Speaking for most of us, as Mac traditionalists, we didn’t request it. For someone who bought an iPad first and then bought a Mac later because they had a positive experience, full screen mode makes a lot of sense.

If you click on the green dot and feel that you are totally lost point your mouse to the top of the screen. You will see the dots and the clock re-appear. Click on the green dot again. Your window will return to its previous size.

You need to drag on the corners ( I like to start from the lower right) and increase the size. Then you can move it around the screen. Clicking on the top “bar” of the window in the middle will allow you to drag it around. Neither the re-sizing or moving of the windows on the screen have changed in OS 10.10. Phew! What has changed is that you will have to go through this process more often.