iOS Update today – 8.3

In addition to Apple updating its Mac OS today, they also pushed out updates for our iOS devices.

iOS 8.3 is the third significant update for iOS 8 since it came out in September. Compared to past iOS updates, this one appears to have fixed a substantial number of nagging issues in iOS.

Although it is very convenient to use the OTA (over the air) update feature on your iPhone and let the updates install over WiFi, I suggest that you plug into your computer for this one and open iTunes. Updating your iOS device through iTunes is the “long way” of doing this process but when you need the best chance a successful outcome plug in your iDevice and go the traditional route here.

Mac users, iTunes should always stay up to date for you. Windows users, you may be prompted to update iTunes. By going through the old fashioned update process here, you will not have an excuse to live with an out of date copy of iTunes on your computer.

Mac users, please do your Mac OS Update (10.10.3) before doing the iOS update.
Windows users, there is no corresponding Windows update that is a prerequisite for the update on your iOS device.