Upcoming Apple Hardware and Software

Dear Mac Family:

Apple is having another special event next week.

They are expected to unveil the Apple Watch. I dont think this is going to be a big seller for them. I am not getting excited about this. It will only work with late model iPhones. Apparently it will be useless if you don’t have an iPhone. If my clients want a smart watch, I would recommend the Pebble. It’s been out for a few years and works with both iOs and Android. For more of a wrist band that tells time, i like the Microsoft Band or the Fit Bit. Both of them work with multiple platforms.

And if you’re really old fashioned, there are a couple of plain old watches that i think are pretty smart. Citizen Eco Drive watches use sunlight to turn the hands if the battery dies. Remember the Casio Calculator Watch from the 1980s? It’s still sold on Amazon for about $50. I think its fan-tastic!

Secondly, there is a chance Apple will release a new Mac Book Air next week with a high resolution screen. If you want Apple’s ultra thin laptop, this would be the one for you.

Finally, (finally Microsoft finally!) Microsoft has released a public preview of Office 2016 Mac (word powerpoint, excel). We have waited since Oct 2010 for a new version of Office for Mac. The 2016 fully functional preview will be free until the final version comes out in the fall. The preview is free until the final version arrives. Some of you are Office 365 subscribers, which means you pay $70 to $100 per year for Office. I believe this is the preferred way to get Office. If you need to buy Office later in the year, go with the subscription. There is also a preview of Outlook for Mac available now (only for 365 subscribers).

You can get Office 2016 preview for Mac, free, here http://blogs.office.com/2015/03/05/office-2016-mac-preview/

@@ If you use 3rd party software with Office like Dragon or a bibliography manager, please hold off until a final version is released in the fall.