Identity theft tip # 20150220

Here is my tip for today February 20, 2015

Physical thieves and cyber thieves would love to have your home address. Don’t make it any easier for them!

Do you still get the phone book? Perhaps, you want to tell me —- I am “green friendly” I haven’t received that paper-wasting phone book in years. That’ doesn’t mean much. There is a good chance that if you have a home phone line with you local phone company or your cable company, you are listed in the public directory. See for yourself. Two sites that I use as my “phone book” are and . Did you find yourself with your street address exposed? Stop squirming in your chair and do one of the following…….

#1 Your phone company or cable company is supposed to provide you with the option to revise your listing “with street address deleted” at no charge. Call them and request t it at a bare minimum. If you do this, you listing in the phone directory would read (for example)
“Alice Smith, Anytown, CT” instead of “Alice Smith, 123 Main St, Anytown, CT”

#2 For a fee (usually $5 to $7 per month), your phone provider will provide you the option to have an unlisted number. In my opinion, they should do this for free. However, if being unlisted is very important to you I think think this service is a fantastic investment.