Macs Only: OS 10.10 Checking for Updates

I have helped as many of you as I could update to OS 10.10 (Yosemite) over the past two months. For those of you who haven’t upgrade; let’s do it.

Anyway, for those of you who are on 10.10, you may notice that checking for updates seems slightly different. The word Updates is missing from the Apple menu (top left of your screen). The procedure is the same as OS 10.9, but Apple has changed “Updates” to “App Store”.

So if you are on 10.10 , and you click on the Apple menu, you will see “App Store.” If there is a number present, this indicates the number of updates you need to do. Most of your Macs are set to update automatically, but you system will only poll for updates once in a while (perhaps every week). If you see a number in your Apple menu, and you have a few minutes to spare go ahead and do the updates.

As with previous versions of Mac OS X, clicking on the update line / App Store will actually launch the Mac App Store. Wait a few moments while your system checks for updates. If there is only one update you can click — Update next to it. However if there are multiple updates — click Update All at the top.

Some of you may say — well I don’t use THIS APPLICATION. Update it! You are checking for update to Apple’s software. My rule is — update all Apple provided apps.

For reference, please see this Apple support page