Mac and Windows: Taking a Screen Shot

This e-mail is something I should have sent out 2 or 3 years ago because it would have been applicable and made our lives a lot easier.

If you want to e-mail me with a question about a product (piece of software) or an opinion or a comparison, great. I can field those with half of my brain tied behind my back. However, there are times when you want to ask me a question that is PARTICULAR TO HOW SOMETHING LOOKS ON YOUR COMPUTER AT THAT VERY MOMENT. It’s harder for me to answer those questions because it may not look the same way on my computer.

>>> Fortunately there is a very helpful tool baked into both Windows and Mac OS X that can help you convey your situation to me. For questions pertinent to what you have on your screen — I am going to ask that you use one of these tools

Mac OS X: For over 10 years, your Mac has included a tool called Grab. Grab is located in your Applications (folder) >> Utilities (folder). I would suggest going to that location now and dragging the icon to your Dock so it stays there permanently. Once you open Grab — you can choose to take a screen shot of a selection of your screen, a particular window, or the whole screen. Surprise: you can also easily take a screen shot of the Mac OS without opening grab by using these simple keyboard shortcuts. Hint: My favorite is Command + Shfit + 3. When opening the Grab application and taking your screenshot, save the picture to your desktop (the keyboard method will automatically do this). E-mail me the picture or pictures by attaching them to an a new message.

Windows: From Windows 7 to the present, Windows users have been blessed with a Grab-like utility called Snipping Tool. You can access the tool by clicking on your Start Menu and searching for it in the box at the bottom. Before you open it, right click on it and pin it to your Start Menu. (Windows 8 users, you will be pinning it to the special start menu I set up for you, ie. Start8 or Classic Shell). A small tool bar will come up that enables you to take a screen shot for me. If you need to see a brief guide, look here Hint: I like the rectangular snip or the Full Screen. When you are done, save the picture to your desktop. E-mail me the picture or pictures by attaching them to an a new message.

Christmas Bonus
iPhone / iPad: You can take a screen shot of your iOS device by quickly pressing and releasing the home button (big round button) and the power button. You will hear a “snapshot click” sound. The picture will be saved to your Photos app. E-mail me the picture or pictures by attaching them to an a new message.

In conclusion, general questions will not require a screen shot. However, if you want to e-mail me a question about something specific to your situation on your screen — SCREEN SHOT PLEASE.