Mac OS 10.10 is great — but hang on a bit longer

I’ve told you that I am going to help as many of you as possible upgrade to OS 10.10 (Yosemite) by year’s end. I have had some time to play with it already and its great, especially for those of you who also have an iPhone or iPad. Even if you don’t regularly use those mobile devices, OS 10.0 is visually pleasing. Apple is using darker fonts and got rid of that ugly pastel scheme from last year

Major issues so far — which will be updated soon — no doubt

1. Some Mac users are reporting WiFi issues with the new OS. So often we just update one Mac OS over the next one. While this is technically possible, a clean install is always better even though the time needed may be 1 to 2 hours vs 3 to 4 hours. Mac users performing a clean install are less likely to experience the WiFi problem. I hope Apple will be putting out a patch shortly to address the potential WiFi concerns

2. Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. It has to be said that its been way too long that we haven’t seen a new version of Office for Mac. This current version was released in the fall of 2010 though it has been consistently updated. Microsoft’s Mac team has put all of their effort recently into Office for iPad, a stunning product. Office (Word Excel and PowerPoint ) works pretty well in OS 10.10, except for the comments and track changes feature in Word. I typed a 9 page paper in Word today and had no issues. Microsoft should be putting out an update for this very soon.

3. The native, Mac OS dictation in OS 10.10 has been VASTLY improved over the previous versions. You can now give commands like “Select” and “Replace _____ with _______.” However, Dragon Dictate for Mac is still a better product. They have promise to put out an update to be OS 10.10 compatible during the first week of November.