Betrayed by Dell, Hope Restored

Approximately two weeks ago, I purchased some computer equipment from Dell with a Dell Credit Line.

One day later, I received a call from Dell giving me a reference number (in a voicemail) and asking me to verify my purchase.

I called back. Someone from India answered. Let me be clear, for most customer service functions Dell uses Indian call centers.

Fortunately, I Googled the phone number during the call. The number was referenced on 800notes ( website that people visit to share about the scam phone calls and potential scams). Nearly, everyone said that the calls were coming from Dell employees working double duty. Thankfully, I found this out just as the second representative (in a very muffled voice) asked me for my social security number. Click!

I then called Dell back and tried to complain. I was told; we have no American call centers. Huh?

I called Dell Financial back the following day. They (the Indian call center) took my complain seriously and made a full report for a supervisor. Additionally the following week (last week), I was able to verify that Dell does still offer North American support, which is often U.S. support depending on the time of day. The representative I spoke to was in Oklahoma. I then talked with his supervisor this week and she told me Dell has just decided to add another U.S. call center for tech support.

Here is the deal — to get the U.S. support — you must order from the Work section of (not the home section). I often order the computers for my customers, so this isn’t a hassle. I am just putting this info out there so you know. The business-class Dell products are the Latitude laptops and Optiplex desktops (the models I choose for you). When you check out, you need to choose the Pro Support warranty. This guarantees you the North American support. Costs range from $75 to $250 per computer.

So to wrap things up……

-Lenovo’s “Think” line of desktops and laptops is still my #1 choice for Windows computers
-Dell’s business class products, with Pro Support are my second choice
-HP makes business class computers marked by a Pro or an Elite in the product name. HP just announced plans to split into 2 companies focusing on business and consumer products. The business computers are here to stay and a safe bet, I think. I have personally used an HP ProBook since January and have few complains.

-As far as Macs are concerned, I have been taking a new approach when ordering for customers. I say, lets order from the Apple Authorized Resellers. The pricing is the same or and you can still order the same Apple Care Warranty (serviced by Apple). It is vital that these independent businesses stay in business, so the Apple Store isn’t our only choice.
-Apple re-sellers I have and will use to order for you are, MacConnection (New Hampshire based), and B&H Photo Video (NYC based). The only exception I will make are computers sold directly by Apple through their Refurbished and Clearance section of At times you can save 25% to 30% on a current or previous model Mac with a same as new factory warranty.
-For Mac purchases, I don’t send my clients to the local Apple Store. Getting accessories there is fine.