Facebook issues on your smart phone or tablet

IN GENERAL — Facebook has three main functions
1. The ability to share and receive general or group updates. These are through posts on your Timeline (formerly called wall). These updates may be with the public, friends (family), or a private group.
2. The ability to store, send, and receive photos. This sharing may be with friends (family), the public, or a private group. I know many people who would rather not use Facebook, but because their family is spread out all over the world, it is the best way to stay in touch.
3. The ability to send short messages or e-mails, through a function called Messages with your friends.

For years, you have been able to do all of this through the browser on your computer and the Facebook app on your smartphone / tablet. That all changed THIS WEEK!

Effective immediately, you are no longer able to do #3 through the Facebook app on your smartphone / Tablet. Facebook wanted to separate the functions of the updates / photo sharing and viewing from the Messages. One good explanation I read is to improve battery life on your mobile device. If you don’t REALLY want to read about every pizza place in down that Cousin Johnny went to, why waste your time with the general Facebook app? You may just want the Messenger app so you can chat with your Facebook contacts one on one.
For Android users, go to the Google Play store and download Messenger.
For iOS users, go to the App Store and download Messenger. Then log in with your Facebook account.
** Please please please — do NOT choose the option to allow Facebook to upload all of your phone contacts to their server. Just chose the NOT NOW or NO option on that. The less information Facebook has, the better, right?