Computer Update: The State of the Windows World

I wanted to briefly keep you up to speed about what is going on in the world of Windows.

Microsoft has been plagued by this split personality disorder since October 2012. They tried to do something really radical with Windows 8. They alienated a lot of people. If they really wanted to be radical in an Apple sort of way, they should have gone all out and said that the “Metro Start Screen” was the new operating environment – no desktop – take it or leave it. However, they couldn’t really do that because so many business users were used to a Windows Desktop with a Start Menu, going back to 1995. I made things better for you by installing the $5 Start8 menu from It has restored sanity in Windows 8.

Last fall, Windows 8.1 came out and it was really a full revision to Windows 8. Don’t let the decimal point + 1 fool you. It was a new operating system in the history of Windows. However, it was like lipstick on a pig. The meat inside the pig is really good (the core of Windows 8.1 that we don’t see), the face of the pig is bad (the Windows 8 Start Screen), and the lipstick was a group of features in Windows 8.1 that made it more usable for people on desktops and laptops.

Windows 7 people have been largely unaffected by all of this. I just sent up a beautiful Lenovo laptop running Windows 7 Professional for a client today. Windows 7 will get security updates from Microsoft until January 2020. If my clients want Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 at this time, either is fine by me although one may be better than the other. Windows 8.1 has some really good features for backing up files and copying that Windows 7 does not have.

Fast forward to next year. Microsoft will release its next OS, which may be called Windows 9. The next Windows may very well come as a free upgrade to people on Windows 8.1 and possibly even Windows 7 as well. At that time, all of these rough edges will be smoothed out. All new computers sold from that point on will run the “next Windows” and I will be squarely behind it. You should too. It will be optimized and friendly for those of us who still like a traditional computer.