Computer myth busted: comparing Apples to Apples

One of the great myths among computer shoppers is that Apple’s Macs cost SO MUCH MORE than comparably priced Windows systems. This is completely untrue. However, there are several fine Windows computers that could get the job done as well as a Mac without the design or some of the specs.

Some customers want “Apple like design and performance”. Let me give you some examples for comparison…..

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch is priced at $1999. Last fall Dell released the XPS 15 / Precision M3800 line to compete head to head with Apple in this PREMIUM laptop space. The second model here most directly aligns with with what Apple offers, if the customer chooses the option extended battery (+$60) and the 128 GB solid state hard drive (+$250). Price :$2147.99

Apple’s new MacBook Air 13 inch is a fine choice for an ultra thin, light laptop, with a 10+ hour battery life. Just a few weeks ago Apple lowered the price to $999. The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon is being hailed by some as the “Windows laptop of the year” if not the past several years. It is one inch larger, but it is a true competitor to the 13 inch Air. Its price right now: just shy of $1200.

Finally, lets not forget the 11.6 inch MacBook Air. This machine is designed to be ultra portable. It is preferred by road warriors and has a 9 hour battery life. Lenovo’s X240 (formerly X230) has long been respected by business travelers. It has a 12.5 inch screen, but the same resolution. It is quite a bit thicker but also visually appealing. Apple recently lowered its price on the Air 11 to $899. Lenovo’s X240 is currently priced at $901.55

The bottom line: There are some really nice “Mac like” Windows laptops out there. However, they are priced similarly with or in some cases more than comparable Macs.