There are alternatives to Amazon

That beautiful store ties in directly to the topic of this e-mail. A dear friend told me that the updated version of Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type — would be a perfect gift for a graduate. I looked it over and agreed. However, there is a problem! This title is published by Hachette. Hachette is one of the five major book publishers in the world. Hachette and Amazon are locked in major dispute. In a nutshell, Hachette says “we have to pay our authors”. We would like to sell book X for 14.99. Amazon says, “No, you will sell it for 9.99”. As a result, Amazon is delaying shipping by 2 to 4 weeks on all Hachette books.

My Take
This is unconscionable and monopolistic. I am not asking you to boycott Amazon. Like many of you, I am a Prime member. I started my first 1 year membership in April. However, I want you to know that there are alternatives.

While it isn’t always possible, it is a worthy goal to keep people employed in our communities. It’s even better if we can do it without heavy-handed political interference but through our own free choices as consumers. On an electronics item that you see on Amazon, you can print it (or bring it up on your smart phone) and bring that info to your local Best Buy or Staples (or call on the phone). They will match the price.

As for books — you can check out your local Barnes and Noble or Books a Million. They have local stores and online options as well. It’s a pleasant surprise that both B&N and BAM are taking this opportunity promote their affiliation with Hachette. I can order the book I want from either at a great price and it will ship right away.

I may not be spending as much time in the Amazon…..